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Our beachfront hotel is just steps from the main peak of Playa Grande, one of Costa Rica's most consistent surf breaks. No other hotel in Playa Grande provides its surf guests with direct beachside amenities. Step out of the surf and into our outside shower, pool, jacuzzi, or relax in a quiet hammock in the shade. Our open-air restaurant bar is open all day for a tropical smoothie, cold Imperial, or mango margarita.

     The main peak at Playa Grande

Playa Grande is a high tide break and is best two to three hours before high tide to two to three hours after high tide. For low tide, you have the Tamarindo Rivermouth just a five minute drive to the south along our beach road. Playa Grande is centrally located with worldclass breaks to the north and south: Playa Negra and Playa Avellanas are but a 35 minute drive to the south and we have Witch's Rock and Ollie's Point to the north.

Louis Wilson, with over 35 years experience living & surfing in northwest Costa Rica, is the owner of Hotel Las Tortugas. Louis was one of the original surfers of Playa Grande, Tamarindo Rivermouth, and Witch's Rock and is more than happy to assist you with surf forecasts and his unique knowledge of the area. Louis is great at predicting a good time to head for Witch's and we can assist you with organizing a boat trip to
Witch's and Ollie's Point through our reception desk.

Las Tortugas Apartments' permanent resident Darrell Halvorson setting it up on a Playa Grande beauty.





Tortugas Apartments' regular, Cap'n Patrick.

NJ boy/VT transplant/NYC skateboard freak Dan Zimmer
sliding on tropical PG perfection.

Playa Grande morning rush hour.

2013 surf pic

Guest Mark Bruton stylin'.

. . . sigh.

Avellanas the hotel dog

Avellanas Fan Club
Just click on her funny face

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