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Located beach front in the heart of Playa Grande on the northern end of the Nicoya peninsula, Hotel Las Tortugas is conveniently situated but an hour from the international airport in Liberia. Most of Playa Grande is a national park area, leaving it largely unmolested by development, with miles of pristine, golden sand at our doorstep, almost exclusively for our guests' enjoyment.

Hotel Las Tortugas is located in the center of Playa Grande, two miles north of Tamarindo along the beach. There are a few other restaurant/bars within walking distance to our hotel, but Playa Grande is fortunately still a one horse town.

Though Tamarindo is but 2 miles south of us, it is separated from Playa Grande by the Tamarindo Estuary, a national wildlife refuge. There's no bridge across the estuary and thus the drive to Tamarindo is 25 minutes by car as the road circumvents the estuary. If you don't have a car, the walk to the estuary is about a mile and half on the beach. Once at the estuary you can take a small water taxi across for about $1 per person. Water taxi service hours are from about 8 am to 4:30 pm. If you have dinner in Tamarindo, you'll need to catch a cab back if you don't have a car. Taxi rides to Playa Grande are around $30 one way. Many of our guests who go into Tamarindo for shopping, dinner, nightlife, etc., are very grateful to return to the serenity and beauty of Playa Grande.

National airline shuttle service from San Jose with Sansa or Travel Air is available to and from the Tamarindo airport located 25 minutes from the hotel. Once at the Tamarindo airport, you can take a taxi to the hotel for $25.

The Liberia airport with international flights is only an hour drive from the hotel with taxi service to and from the airport for $85 one way. There are many taxis waiting at the airport to take you where you want to go. The red ones are all licensed and registered with the govt. so you can just grab one and head our way; they'll know how to get to Playa Grande and we're right smack in the middle on the beach. We are also happy to arrange a cab for you. You can inquire vie email for taxi arrangments as well as detailed driving directions from the Liberia airport or San Jose if you plan on renting a car. The drive from San Jose is about 4 to 4 1/2 hours.


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